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Private Lenders Sydney

Danfil Financial Services source Lenders for short term loans Australia wide for any worthwhile business purpose:

  • • Working Capital
  • • Cash Flow Shortage
  • • Investment Opportunity
  • • Debtor Finance

Loan terms range from one to twelve months and all applications are considered on case by case basis. A poor credit history and previous loan default doesn't automatically mean we cannot assist with your finance needs .Small business are having a difficult time in getting funding through their own banks and thus these private lenders are here to assist those business clients .It is important that an asset is provided as security for your loan as this will fast track the loan approval and ensure a quick settlement.

What is private lending?

Private lending is an old business indeed. Long before banks, finance companies, trust companies and credit card companies, individuals borrowed money from one another in exchange for interest payment.

An ancient form of investing, one which by its nature, pre-dates the modern stock market (which itself is less than 100 years old), is private mortgage investing. For as long as humans have laid claim to real estate, it has been used as security (collateral) against cash advances from lenders. Lending money secured by real estate has long been established and proven by generations of individuals. Most lending however, was done by and between individuals, rather than through bankers or mortgage companies.

Many times the loans were secured by personal assets like chattels (personal effects) or real property (land or building); other times, the money was loaned without security, on the strength of a person’s reputation and good standing in society.

Modern day private lending is simply a continuation of the old practice: an individual with surplus money, will loan some to another individual. The loan is based upon the expectation that the monies will be repaid in an agreed manner, with interest.

When a person loans money to another, they are investing in the borrower. The interest rate, at which the loan is set, is equivalent to the return which the lender expects to get from his or her investment. Many lenders will invest in private loans because the returns they generate are greater than what they can earn from investing money elsewhere.

Why do people borrow private money?

Short term loans with fast and easy Approvals.

An interest rate return of 3% TO 6.00% per month is excellent for lenders but why are some borrowers willing to pay these rates?

The answer is two-fold:
  • 1. The price could be worse – finance companies/equity lending companies will charge up 24% and 38%
  • 2. Private lenders are more flexible, creative and faster to deliver than traditional Lenders

Traditional lenders have lending guidelines that are often too restrictive, inflexible or intolerant for many borrowers. Additionally, traditional lenders can be slow to actually fund the proceeds due to administrative bureaucracy.

Private lenders are easier to work with because they lack the multi-tiered bureaucracy of traditional lenders and they look at all aspects of the lending scenario, not just the standard guidelines followed by traditional lenders. We at Danfil Financial Services will source a lender that is suitable to you. All fees and charges are transparent and will be made available to the borrower in an offer letter from the Lender

Sophisticated Investors

Are you looking for a secure, flexible investment offering returns than those offered by traditional banks with interest paid monthly? Danfil Financial Services provides exceptional opportunities.

A very attractive investment
  • • Earn up to 24%p.a.
  • • Short, flexible terms
  • • Invest from $50,000

  • Returns up to 24%. Flexible terms
  • Our investors earn outstanding returns
    ranging from 12% to 24%, with interest paid upfront ,monthly, quarterly and annually across a flexible range of terms starting from just 30 days. There is no need to invest for lengthy periods, and your money may be withdrawn with as little as one month's notice.

    Quality security
    Investor funds are invested in loans that are fully secured by a form of Australian Real Estate using conservative valuations provided by our trusted team of industry experts.

    Invest today
    Talk to us today for more information on investment opportunities.

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